Some people wonder why we are compelled to work with dysfunction when most avoid it like the plague. We think of it as a calling, our call to action to help alleviate the many issues that surround us everywhere: at work, in relationships, in leadership. We consider dysfunction to be perfectly normal, not something to be feared or avoided. Our clients learn how beneficial it can be to them when they tackle dysfunction from the perspective of restoring alignment and empowering themselves, taking courage and building skills while dismantling it. 

How we dismantle dysfunction is one of the burning platforms we explored with Andrea Adams on her podcast, HR ShopTalk! We also talked about how dysfunctions manifest in organizations, what are the most common ones that we tend to encounter and how to recognize their symptoms. 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn how to dismantle dysfunction in their organization or leadership team (spoiler alert: sometimes it’s a “three steps forward and two steps back” process – do not let that discourage you!). If you are looking for insight into why and when to take action, this podcast is for you. 

Our chat with Andrea was full of gems that you can’t afford to skip! Watch the whole episode below. 

If you missed our first conversation with Andrea on employee complaints and how to deal with them, you can find it here. 

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