Living an inauthentic life is a self-imposed prison of our own making!

Are you living from your Imposter Persona? If so, Become Who You Are Meant To Be will show you what you need to do to explore, develop, and nurture your Authentic Self.

If you are ready to do the work needed to break free from self-imposed limitations and fully embrace your authentic voice and potential, this book has the actions and roadmap to get you there.

As the first book in the “Become Who You Are Meant to Be” trilogy, Become Who You Are Meant to Be in Your Personal Life lays out the symptoms you need to deal with to change your brain and establish supportive habits of mind, laying the foundation for the development of your Authentic Self. Through its pages, readers are told exactly what to do and what to practice to eliminate self-defeating and self-sabotaging beliefs and habits of mind.

In this book, you will find...

The difference between your Imposter Persona and your Authentic Self

How the Imposter Persona becomes rooted in our brain’s neural pathways

The six Imposter Persona symptoms, their causes, and the negative impact they have on your life

Five exercises and practices for each symptom to change the neural pathways in your brain

What it means to be over-identified with the Imposter Persona

A roadmap for making the shift from your Imposter Persona to your Authentic Self

But you have to do the work! The book explains why just reading about what to do and understanding why you behave the way you do will not change the architecture of your brain.

The "Become Who You Are Meant to Be" Trilogy

Book One:

Become Who You Are Meant to Be in Your Personal Life

It serves as a roadmap, offering a comprehensive guide to getting
to know your Authentic Self and letting go of the need to compare and judge yourself. It is critical to
lay the foundation for living
from one’s Authentic Self and becoming who you are meant to be.

Book Two:

Become Who You Are Meant to Be in Your Relationships

It explores how our Authentic Self interacts with others and how it is different from having relationships from our Imposter Persona. It demonstrates how to change your relationships by changing your beliefs and behaviors instead of trying to change others.

Book Three:

Become Who You Are Meant to Be in Your Career

It offers insights into pursuing a career that meets your needs, talents, and abilities and how to behave to achieve your unique career potential. By aligning our career paths with our Authentic Self, we find greater meaning in our professional endeavors.

About the Author

Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D., is a behavioral change expert, psychotherapist, author, and leadership coach known for her groundbreaking work in psychological type, personal and leadership development. She and her daughter, Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard are founders of Caliber Leadership Systems and co-creators of the Striving Styles Personality System. She writes and practices in her home in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.