EPISODE 44 – What is Permissive Leadership and Why Do Leaders Behave This Way?

by Catalytic Leadership| Dr. William Attaway

Want to dig deep into the hidden dysfunctions lurking in leadership and get some insight into what to do about them? Curious about how the Peter Pan Syndrome derails the success paths of many entrepreneurs? Got the courage to confront accountability, workplace toxicity, and unleash the power of self-awareness? If so, this podcast is for you!

In this episode of Catalytic Leadership, our host, Dr. William Attaway, takes us on a compelling journey into the world of organizational and leadership dynamics. We delve into the hidden dysfunctions that lurk in leadership and explore the fascinating world of entrepreneurship through the lens of the Peter Pan Syndrome. We also tackle accountability, workplace toxicity, and the power of self-awareness.

During this captivating episode, we draw from our diverse experiences in organizational consulting, psychotherapy and leadership coaching to offer a fresh perspective on leadership. We debunk the myth of ‘one-size-fits-all’ leadership and emphasize the importance of inspiring others through actions that yield results. Leadership is an art that requires understanding individual personalities, considering developmental stages, and adapting leadership styles accordingly.

If you’re intrigued by the pitfalls of leadership, join us as we navigate the treacherous terrain of leadership dysfunctions. We shed light on issues such as silos, neglect, narcissism, and permissiveness that can hinder effective leadership. We also uncover the Peter Pan syndrome prevalent in entrepreneurs, where the excitement of innovation often overshadows the crucial responsibilities necessary for organizational growth.

Accountability can be intimidating, but we’re here to change that perception. We redefine accountability as a comprehensive concept that goes beyond mere consequences. We explore how it encompasses defining, directing, and correcting actions, and we demonstrate how its effective implementation can revolutionize leadership effectiveness.

When it comes to toxic workplaces, we don’t shy away from addressing the harsh reality. We pull back the curtain on systemic issues that require holistic and systemic solutions. Fixing dysfunctional toxic workplaces isn’t about quick fixes; it involves overhauling leadership behaviors, systems, and processes.

This episode isn’t just a conversation – it’s a revelation about leadership. It’s a must-listen experience for anyone seeking to tackle leadership dysfunctions, foster a healthy work environment, and embark on a journey of self-awareness. Prepare to redefine your leadership approach by pressing play now!


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