Got burning questions about nature versus nurture? Ever wondered how our unique origins shape who we become, be it at home or our professional lives? Well, if so, you are not alone! This is why we were thrilled to join John Kelley on the “Small Business Origins” podcast to delve deep into these fascinating topics!

As a mother-daughter duo, we got a chance to share our extraordinary origin story – one that saw us reunite after 27 years of living separate lives. This unexpected bond led not only to the development of a unique mother-daughter relationship but also to a dynamic business partnership, adding an exciting twist to our shared journey.

Reflecting on our origin story, we were glad to discuss how our experiences have pushed the boundaries of our perception of possibilities and limitations. It’s a conversation we hope will encourage listeners to challenge the constraints of their own upbringings and to delve into the genetic possibilities they may carry within them.

But the most intriguing part of our chat was discussing the dysfunctions we have encountered in the leadership realm and how we help entrepreneurs navigate and overcome these. We explored how some entrepreneurs run into limitations, unknowingly breeding chaos and disorder in their organizations, and how our programs aim to address and rectify these issues.

Our discussion delved into our approach to leadership development, emphasizing the importance of understanding unconscious behaviors and ego personas which often limit leaders from being authentic. We shared insights from our book, “So You Think You Can Lead”, highlighting how these nuggets of wisdom can aid leaders in developing their teams and adopting varied leadership approaches.

In our enlightening chat, we also covered the journey organizations go through, moving from what we term “adolescence” – a stage characterized by challenges and ‘acting out’ – to a more mature, adult phase. We shared how we customize our programs to address an organization’s specific needs and dismantle any dysfunction we encounter.

So, if you’re eager to unravel the complex threads of leadership and entrepreneurship, to explore how our unique origin story fuels our work, and to find out how you can evolve as a leader, tune into this episode. We were delighted to share our journey and insights, and we hope you’ll find the conversation as enlightening and exciting as we did!

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