In the changing landscape in organizations, are you and your leaders prepared to embrace the challenges all of us are being presented with? How to succeed in developing and maintaining high-performance teams during this remarkable time in organizational life requires us as leaders to call on experts like today’s guest, Leadership & Organizational Development expert Heather Hilliard. In this compelling episode of The Big Ticket Life Heather sheds light on the importance of emotional authenticity, collaborative accountability, and other organizational alignment practices that will help you reshape the future of leadership in your business. Guided by our fantastic host, Jeff Giagnocavo, we’ll enlighten listeners about what is required to lead with compassionate authority, humanize the leadership experience by prioritizing emotional intelligence, and confront the fears that rob leaders of their authentic power.

Leaders have long been the guiding force in organizations. But what happens when their effectiveness diminishes, their leadership becomes permissive, and they care more about being a “good leader” than an effective leader? Heather explains the reasons why leaders are under pressure and attacked if they aren’t empathetic and understanding. Being accused of micromanaging when they are simply managing performance is only one of the current issues leaders have to contend with when they try to do their job. Heather’s insight into how leaders must deal with these issues is only one of the many gems of this podcast.

Heather also highlights the difference between viewing people solely based on their output and genuinely appreciating them as individuals. While discussing Las Vegas and the noticeable challenges in the hospitality sector, we focused on this incredibly important question: “Are we placing profits above the well-being of people?” Is that why leaders are having so many issues with our employees? Heather’s straightforward view on the current “profit-first” mindset urges companies to prioritize proper training and fair pay as the path to achieving results.

During their dynamic conversation, Heather and Jeff discussed another disturbing trend that many organizations are dealing with: the phenomenon of “Quiet quitting.” Imagine team members who are present in their body but disengaged in spirit. The surge of remote work has further magnified this issue. With the precision of a detective, Heather identifies a significant oversight – a stark gap in leadership development needed to manage performance and hold employees accountable remotely.

Drawing from her leadership experiences, Heather shares a critical insight that changed her approach to engaging with her team. She elegantly draws connections between personal challenges, such as weight loss, with professional hurdles, emphasizing that with challenges of any type come opportunities for growth and mastery. By sharing her experiences, Heather demonstrates the kind of personal vulnerability so crucial for leaders to employ in this new era of leading people for results, not just leading for results.

A massive shoutout to Jeff Giagnocavo for hosting this enlightening episode. And we’ll leave you with a final gem provided by Heather in the podcast. Remember, when fear knocks on your door, let your ambition answer it! 

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