Ever wonder how your MBTI’s (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) experience of the Imposter Syndrome is like? Did you know that each of the 16 types has predictable “go to” symptoms that keep them stuck doubting themselves, procrastinating, or overcompensating? This is only one of the many fascinating topics we discussed with ‘Type Talks’ host and MBTI guru Joyce Meng.

In this episode, we shine a light on how various personality types wrestle with symptoms of the Imposter Syndrome. Whether it’s an ENTJ who magnifies their persona to hide vulnerabilities, ISTJs who are chronic self-doubters or INFPs who continually devalue themselves, the expressions of this syndrome are as diverse as the personalities they are found in. (For a deeper dive into the Imposter Syndrome in all MBTI types, listen to our Dismantling Dysfunction podcast series!)

During our discussion, we introduced our own Striving Styles Personality System – designed as an evolution of Jung’s theory of psychological type. We highlighted the core differences between the Striving Styles and MBTI including how each of the personality types has an emotional need that must be met and that drives its behavior. From the Leader (ESTJ, ENTJ), driven by a need to be in control, to the Artist (INFP, ISFP) with a need to be creative, each presents a unique fusion of emotional and cognitive tendencies. And the final distinguisher is that each has a set of self-protective behaviors they use when they aren’t getting their needs met!

Curious about identifying your own Striving Style? Visit www.whoareyoumeanttobe.com! We have a handy conversion tool to use if you know your MBTI type.

Joyce led us through a hearty discussion about the impact of using the Striving Styles and MBTI in our work. We shared some insights into the profound way they can be used particularly in professional settings. Understanding the inherent needs and drivers of the behavior of employees and leaders and how their behavior changes when they are self-protective goes a long way to helping them work through resistance.

An interesting factoid we shared was that the Striving Styles first appeared in ‘O’, the ‘Oprah Magazine’, when she featured the ‘Who Am I Meant to Be?’ Quiz. In-depth descriptions of all the Striving Styles and their emotional needs can be found in our book, ‘Who Are You Meant to Be?’ It serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking to understand the emotions that drive the behavior of the 16 MBTI types.

Make sure you don’t miss this exciting episode of Type Talks. Tune in, as Joyce Meng gracefully steers the conversation, ensuring listeners walk away with both knowledge and introspection. And a huge shout-out to Joyce for orchestrating such a meaningful dialogue on ‘Type Talks’!

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