Ever wonder how unchecked dysfunction can subtly shake the foundations of our lives, sowing distress and stifling productivity and positivity in our personal and work lives? Ever wonder why most people steer clear of this topic as if it’s a contagion despite how normal and prevalent dysfunction is? Well, if so, we’ve got some insights and actionable takeaways for you. During this enlightening episode of the In Pursuit of Better podcast, we reveal why we are drawn to unravel the complexities of dysfunctions and shed light on transformative solutions with the fantastic podcast host, Jordan Simon!

Achieving one’s potential within dysfunctional environments or when our own behavior is unknowingly dysfunctional is fraught with challenges and setbacks. In this lively dialogue, we share our approach with clients who want to dismantle dysfunctions. It starts with looking inward and developing oneself, becoming self-aware. While it’s compelling to look to the environment and the people in it as the source of dysfunction and blame them, this approach tends to keep us stuck. And because we use a developmental approach to achieving potential, we provide tips on pathways to self-actualization, overcoming resistance, and the Imposter Syndrome. And for those of you who can’t wait to get started, here’s a sneak peek: do not underestimate the importance of self-reflection and willingness to work on yourself instead of placing blame solely on others.

Our conversation also offers a glimpse into our holistic approach to addressing organizational dysfunctions, from discovery to actionable recommendations. We don’t offer magic bullets or instant fixes in our approach, but a practical approach that involves changing limiting beliefs and habits of mind that keep clients stuck in dysfunction. Spoiler alert: changing habits and automatic behaviors that cause dysfunction is a time-consuming process that pays off in the long run! 

Don’t let this episode slip by! Listen in for our deep exploration of dysfunction’s many facets and unlock strategies to maximize both personal and organizational potential. Kudos to Jordan for expertly navigating this enlightening discourse. Ready for a treasure trove of insights and pragmatic takeaways? We’ve got you covered!

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