Episode #27: Dismantling the Dysfunction of Neglect

Do performance management discussions get in the way of the “real work”? (Sorry, it’s a trick question.) Leaders who agree with this idea are missing the point. They’re holding on to a mindset that keeps them from fully embracing the true responsibility of their roles: to lead people.

Leadership demands the use of foreign and uncomfortable relational competencies. And focusing on the “real work” keeps underdeveloped leaders feeling safe and powerful within the walls of their comfort zones. So, what happens when leaders don’t have the tools they need to deal with difficult interpersonal situations effectively? They spook at the first sign of discomfort, cut corners, and neglect their own needs and the needs of their employees. It takes a lot more than a half-hearted performance review every now and then to truly manage performance and engage your people.

In today’s episode, we discuss the Dysfunction of Neglect and share some practical tips that you can start using today if you’re having trouble overcoming the discomfort that stands in the way of effective leadership. We’ll also share real client stories that illustrate just how common it is to find this type of leadership behavior in organizations today. Tune in to learn all about the Dysfunction of Neglect and discover what you can do if it’s suffocating your organization’s success.

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  • [01:48] Episode introduction and overview
  • [02:48] What is the Dysfunction of Neglect?
  • [20:56] Make time to know and lead your people
  • [25:28] Set clear goals and expectations
  • [30:25] Invest in and recognize employees
  • [35:50] Hold employees accountable
  • [41:34] Communication is key
  • [46:31] Episode gem & practical takeaway
  • [48:55] Episode wrap up



  • The Dysfunction of Neglect is most commonly caused by leaders’ failure to perform their most basic leadership duties.
  • In the widest sense, neglect in the workplace includes emotional neglect, indulgence, permissiveness, overprotection, authoritarian attitudes, and overestimation.
  • To prevent the Dysfunction of Neglect, leaders must reserve time for leadership in their schedules by blocking out specific times and dedicating them to accomplishing leadership initiatives.
  • Think you might be suffering from issues caused by the Dysfunction of Neglect in your workplace? Listen to the full episode to learn what you can do to start fighting back against the Dysfunction of Neglect today!


"Deciding to compensate for poor performance instead of managing it is an act of self- disempowerment."
episode 18 quote tile 2 - "When acting from the Victim Leadership Persona, our power and sense of personal agency is taken away by seeing situations through a  lens of helplessness."
episode 18 quote tile 3 - "Self-disempowerment starts from within. Leaders need to recognize when they are keeping their self-esteem low."
episode 18 - quote tile 4 - "Leaders need to watch that they aren't being pulled into the position  of rescuer when interacting with employees."

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