Stop being at the mercy of your brain’s current neurocircuitry by deciding how you want to feel.

Happiness, joy, excitement, and optimism are not emotions that come naturally to those of us who operate from a fixed mindset. This mindset runs a system of automatic negative thoughts that lead to anxiety, depression, stress, and reactivity as it is connected to the emotional/instinctual brains. These brains are not structured to create happiness but to ensure our survival, thus giving us a bias for negativity and catastrophizing. This in turn affects our creativity, mood, and overall productivity when we aren’t aware of what they are doing.

As adults, our brain retains much of the plasticity of the developing brain, including the power to repair and replace neural pathways that lead to stress and mental illness. We can grow new neurons and habits of mind by directing our thoughts to helpful thoughts that create pleasure and peace in the brain and nervous system.

Changing the fixed beliefs to open, power beliefs is like an electrician bringing the electrical system in an old house up to code. Our fixed beliefs no longer serve us and can even be dangerous to our mental health and well being, our relationships, and our productivity. They need to be updated, just like the electrical system in a home.  

Changing our unconscious fixed beliefs to open, power beliefs quiet neural pathways that trigger fear, and anxiety and stop the connections that keep the brain in the “OMG something horrible is going to happen state.”  When we change our fixed beliefs and affirm a new open power belief through repetition of thought and supporting behavior, the brain changes in some real, physical way to make that happen.

Decide to Make It Happen

Changing your brain can occur with no input from the outside world. That is, the brain can change as a result of the thoughts you think every day. That’s why affirmations and intentions play such an impactful role in changing our brain. Something as seemingly simple as thinking a thought several times daily has the ability to alter neural connections in a way that can lead to recovery from mental illness and create and strengthen mental health and wellness.

It takes work and time because the brain doesn’t like to do new things. Its energy efficient and changing habits of mind requires more energy than thinking preprogrammed thoughts. Through the process of directing, noticing, and redirecting, you can change the neural pathways of the brain to change your life and mental health. By doing this, you take fuel away from the pathways that support automatic negative thoughts so that the brain shrinks their neural pathways.  

Cultivating an open power mindset changes the brain; it is a choice. We can decide to be happy and optimistic regardless of the situation by noticing how we are reacting and bringing ourselves back to either neutral or optimistic. It is a decision we have to make every day, often multiple times a day. Making sure we take the time to set our brain to optimism and openness at the start of the day, puts us in the right position or mindset to be open to our experiences.

Mindset Changing Resources

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